Introduction in project management

Target group:

Junior project managers, middle management (IT)


The participants will receive information about project management methodology and process. To be presented project management instruments can be applied for independent planning and management of different projects. After course attendance the participants can manage small projects or work as PM assistants in the big projects. Above PM methodology the course focuses on communications and social competence. The participants will get information how to behave in critical situations and about critical success factors of projects.


A Introduction

B Conceptual basics

Project and project environment
• Example (case study)

C Operational project management

• Project phases
• Goals
• Example (case study)
• Tasks of the project lead
• Instruments
• Principles of project management

D People in projects

• Communications
• Change management
• Conflict management

E Conclusion, critical success factors


Theory and practical experience will be provided as presentation. The participants will work with case studies in groups and apply the theoretical knowledge’s directly in the course. It will be discussed how to apply the knowledge’s in the daily work of participants.

Basic information:

Duration:                 1 day

Group size:             4-8 persons