Rapid assessment and recovery of troubled projects

Target group:

Experienced project managers


The course demonstrates a proven route to project recovery. You will get everything you need (processes, tools, techniques) to perform a rapid assessment of a project in trouble, develop a solid recovery plan and manage the transition to stability. This course is helpful for experienced project managers who need to know what to do when difficulty strikes and for juniors who need to understand how to prevent the troubles.


A Role of Assessments and recovery in project management

  • Overview
  • Early warning signs of troubled projects
  • Assessment and stabilization as a mini-projects

B Assessment

  • Overview
  • Build of the assessment team
  • Evaluating project history
  • Assessment interviews: planning and conducting
  • Analyzing the gathered information

C Recovery

  • Conceptual overview
  • Stabilization plan: developing and conducting
  • Assessment interviews: planning and conducting
  • Best practices for prioritizing threats, opportunities, and problems.
  • Changing of baselines. Implementing of control metrics

D Preventive Measures

  • Avoiding classic mistakes
  • Development of project management toolbox and corporate standard of the project management
  • Continuous improvement

Theory and practical experience will be provided as presentation. The participants will work with case studies in groups and apply the theoretical knowledge’s directly in the course. It will be discussed how to apply the knowledge’s in the daily work of participants.

Basic information:

Duration:                 1 day

Group size:             4-6 persons